November 10, 2017

Uber drivers get a lift

The Employment Appeal Tribual “EAT” have issued their decision in the Uber drivers claim.

They agree with the Employment Tribunal that Uber drivers are workers not self employed. This means that Uber drivers get some of the rights that employees get, including the right to

  • Paid holiday pay
  • 48 hour working week and breaks
  • The national minimum wage.

However as they are workers not employees, they are not protected from unfair dismissal or entitled to redundancy pay.

It’s not always easy to identify someones status in a business. Many people want to be self employed; often for tax reasons.  Businesses may not want employees for the same reason or because they want flexibility to dismiss. However many working people fall under the nebulous status of worker.

For more about the difference rights depending on status take a look at our fact sheet “Employee, Worker or Self Employed – A Guide”

The Taylor Review -then and now

This review was meant to consider how employment practices need changing in the modern world. Published in the summer it looked at the status of workers. It estimated that over 1,000,000 work in the gig economy. The review says that government needs to make changes to ensure that all work relationships are fair and decent. However many have critisised it for not proposing strong enough measures to ensure it. Getting the balance right is never easy.  Four months on from the the report what’s happening? Take a look at at what Matthew Taylor  (CEO of  The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) had to to say about it last month.