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choice your Privacy Notice based on whether you are a client or contact.

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  • Privacy Notices for Clients – Legal Services

The security and privacy of your data is important including when you use our website.

We collect and processes personal information, or personal data, relating to contacts and clients. This is done as part of our business and to manage the service we provide. We may collect this information through this website.

We are committed to being transparent about how we handle your personal information. Protecting the privacy and security of your personal information is also important to us.

We will meet our data protection obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018).

Privacy Notices

We provide a number of Privacy Notices. Which Privacy Notices apply to you depends on who you are and how you are interacting with us.

GDPR requires us to give you much of the information that is in these Privacy Notices

These Privacy Notices are to make you aware of how and why we will collect and use your personal information. They also explain how we use information we may collect about you through this web site. If you want to limit how we use of that information these Privacy Notice explain how to do this.

Please read our Privacy Notices so that you know what we may do.

I am Kirsten Moon the Data Protection Manager for Moon & Co Solicitors.  Moon & Co Solicitors is a Data Controller under the GDPR and the DPA.If anything is not clear to you please do contact me Kirsten Moon.

 Specific Privacy Notices

You may provide us with personal information including through this web site for two purposes

Purpose 1 Subscribing to our Legal updates and other Marketing material – this is Direct Marketing.

  • This is normally done by sending us an email or completing our “Contact Preferences” form or our “Subscribe to Updates”. You may also talk to us in person or on the telephone and consent to receiving our Legal Updates.
  • If you are not a client the following Direct Marketing related Privacy Notice will apply to you
    • Privacy Notice for Contacts – Direct Marketing
  • If you are a client this Direct Marketing related Privacy Notice will apply to you
    • Privacy Notices for Clients – Direct Marketing

Purpose 2 Contacting us about us providing you with legal services

  • This is normally done by sending us an email or completing our contact form or you telephoning us.
  • In relation to legal services the following Client Privacy Notice applies to you even if you are not yet formally a client.
    • Privacy Notices for Clients

Legal Relationship

Giving us information purely as a result of an enquiry e.g. in a contact form, will not create a solicitor-client relationship between us. We will only form a solicitor-client relationship when we accept your instructions and complete the necessary formalities.

Where there is no solicitor-client relationship information you give us may not be privileged. This means it may be disclosable in legal proceedings.


To protect your privacy you will not be identifiable from information we display on this site. For example, if you give us a testimonial we will not use your name.

Exceptions to privacy and confidentiality

Some certain circumstances may require us to disclose information.

We may have to give information to government or law enforcement agencies. This may include concerns about money laundering or the investigation of other illegal activities.

The internet is not a secure medium and third parties could unlawfully intercept or access data or transmissions. We cannot guarantee security of your data being transmitted to us directly by email, the internet or via our website. Therefore any transmission is at your own risk.


In accordance with the GDPR we take steps to ensure that we process personal data in a secure way. This means taking appropriate measures to protect against unauthorised or unlawful processing. We also try to stop accidental loss, destruction or damage to personal data, using appropriate technical or organisational measures.

Our website and data are hosted on a server in a physically secure location and protected by a firewall. Emails are encrypted.

Although our website is public we make try to ensure the content is kept secure from changes we don’t authorise.

We may collect information on how users access this website. This involves using a tracking ID unique to each user through cookies and file logs. We do not use tracking to provide information which would enable us to identify you.

Your Responsibility

If you access any part of this site through a password or account number you must make sure you keep that information safe. Do not share passwords or account numbers with anyone.

At the end of a session make sure you log out so that others can’t access your personal information. You should do this even if you are using a private computer at home.

This web site, emails and attachments sent to you may be kept on a secure server. There may be checks by an up-to-date virus-checking program before transmission.

However we will not be responsible for any damage or loss caused by downloading or receiving any information from us. You are responsible for protecting your computer and data from what you receive.

What else?

For more about what you can do,  see our copyright keyboard terms and conditions

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