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This section includes all the technical and related legal terms and conditions about this site. On this page (see below) are the terms about accessing this site, use of information, staying safe and applicable law.

We also cover a variety of other issues in this section. The links to these are below so you can consider them in more detail.

Terms of Use of this Website

These terms and condition are about using our website. They (together with the documents they refer to) set out the basis on which you may make access and use our website www.moon-and-co.co.uk (our “Website”).

By using our Website, you agree to abide by these terms of use so you should read the terms carefully before proceeding. If you do not agree to these terms you do not have permission to access our Website.

Accessing our site

Under 16 MUST NOT use this web site

We do not provide services to people under 16 and this web site is not intended for such people. We do not knowlingly collect data about people under 16 through this website.  If you are under 16 you must not use our website without our express permission.

We may collect data relating to children as part of the provision of legal services to adults (see our Privacy Notice for Clients).

We normally want people to access to our Website. However we reserve the right to withdraw the site or change it at any time without notice. There may be parts of our Website which are only accessible to us or our clients or others we specify. We will not be liable if for any reason our Website, or any part of it, is unavailable at any time or for any length of time.

If we provide access to any part of our site by a password or other security process you must keep that access information confidential. We may stop that access or change the method of access at any time. One reason we may do this is if we consider that it is no longer confidential. See also our Privacy Policy,

Right to the information on our site

We own (or have the right to use) the material we publish on our website. These intellectual property rights mean that the information is protected by copyright laws. These laws limit what you may do with it.

You may

  • only use our Website for lawful purposes
  • print off one copy of a page or download extracts, from our Website only for your personal use
  • refer others to our website but not link to our web site without our permission. In most cases we are happy to agree to this so please contact us.

You must not

  • use any material from our website for commercial purposes. If you have any questions about this please contact us.
  • change any of the material you print or download or separate any part and use that separately e.g. use part of a document or a photograph or video.
  • interfere with our Website or send us anything  e.g. viruses or other harmful programmes, that will disrupt or damage our equipment, systems, documents or web site
  • not suggest any link or association with us unless we specifically agree to this. If you would like to do this please contact us

If you breach these requirements we can require you to destroy all copies (paper or electronic). You may not use our Website and other legal action may be taken.

If you take any action against us or our Website, for example try to gain unauthorised access or to introduce a virus, this may lead to civil or criminal action against you.

Blog or other comments

We welcome comments on our blog but please remember that your interaction is subject to the terms of this policy. In particular please ensure that your comments are not illegal, discriminatory or offensive. A considered and fair response is often more effective. We reserve the right to edit, remove or refrain from posting any comment or contribution to our blog or Website.

Scams emails and letters

We are aware of the increase in cybercrime and that it takes many forms. One way is to send emails or letters to individuals purporting to be from a legitimate business. Such emails may be sent to someone who has had dealing with that business or sent randomly.

People design some of these emails to get the recipient to click on a link. This may be with a view to introducing a virus, hijacking the recipient’s computer system or sending a ransom demand.  Others are sent to induce the recipient to send money or information, for example they say it’s to enable the person to claim an inheritance. Other scams exist and new ones are constantly being invented.

We strongly advise you not to open or click on a link in any email or communicate with the sender if you have any doubts about. Check the email address of the sender. If it does not end “moon-and-co.co.uk” it isn’t from us. Even if it appears to be from us we advise you not to take any risks. Contact us by telephone to clarify the position. Call us on 01233 714055 don’t use a telephone number in the suspicious email.

Governing Law

These terms and conditions and any matter relating to the use of this Website and its contents are subject to English law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Each of the terms and condition is separate and severable from the others. If for any reason a term or condition is found by any court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason:-

  • if it would be enforceable if some of its wording were deleted, it shall apply with such deletions as are necessary to make it enforceable.
  • it will not affect the validity or enforceability of the other terms and conditions.


What else?

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