May 11, 2018

Employment Update Spring 2018

Editorial After immersing myself in employment and GDPR issues over the winter it’s great to have lighter evenings and to look at the long view. In our winter edition I promised you some further thoughts on GDPR. It’s a complicated subject and so I am posting a number of specific articles on our web site […]

October 25, 2016

Employment Update Autumn 2016

  Editorial Problem employees. It’s rarely easy to pick the best person for a job. On the other side of the pond the USA is about it make its latest appointment to the biggest job on the planet. If you were taking on a new employee would you pick Donald or Hilary? What issues might […]

October 29, 2014

Employment Update Highlights Autumn 2014

In my blog at the end of July I made some comments about giving references. If you are giving someone a reference be careful what you say. Nowadays employers are inclined to give “tomb stone” reference, i.e. just say the dates an employee worked for them. Click on the title to read the hole article.