May 4, 2016

Employment Update Spring 2016

Editorial We are now well into 2016 and the latest round of new employment legislation is here. We’ve picked out a few matters that affect employees and employers even in smaller businesses. Talking of matters which affect everyone, we have produced a very short video guide to remind everyone about reviewing their wills. We will […]

December 4, 2011

Employment Newsletter Highlights Winter 2011

When is a self employed person really an employee? This is an issue that gets raised time and time again. The number of businesses which claim they have no employees is legion. However many of their self employed consultants, sub contractors and experts are really employees. A recent case has looked at the issue yet […]

May 4, 2010

Employment Newsletter Highlights Spring 2010

With spring finally here and a new government in place employers may be looking to take on more staff. So it is a good time to have a quick look at some employment law cases. I like to provide reviews on subjects that have a practical relevance for many SMEs and to share thoughts about […]

May 4, 2009

Employment Newsletter Highlights Spring 2009

All Change It’s that time of year again when further changes to employment law that have been trailed for ages are brought into force. This newsletter looks at two of the most relevant areas Holidays are here again The last stage of the gradual increase in holiday entitlement has finally come into force. In essence […]