October 25, 2016

Employment Update Autumn 2016

  Editorial Problem employees. It’s rarely easy to pick the best person for a job. On the other side of the pond the USA is about it make its latest appointment to the biggest job on the planet. If you were taking on a new employee would you pick Donald or Hilary? What issues might […]

May 4, 2013

Employment Newsletter Highlights Spring 2013

Spring just around the corner  The weather doesn’t seem to have changed much over the last 6 months. It has been cold and either snowing or raining most of the time. Maybe that’s kept the government indoors tinkering with bits of legislation. Whatever the reason the last 6 months have seen a lot of new […]

May 4, 2009

Employment Newsletter Highlights Spring 2009

All Change It’s that time of year again when further changes to employment law that have been trailed for ages are brought into force. This newsletter looks at two of the most relevant areas Holidays are here again The last stage of the gradual increase in holiday entitlement has finally come into force. In essence […]