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Will writing is important

Most people need what we call straightforward wills although each one we prepare is tailored for the individual. If you are a couple then a pair of straightforward wills, which mirror each other, is usually what is needed.

For most people our will writing costs under £200 per person. Not a lot of money when you realise it may direct the distribution of tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds

If you don’t make a will or it doesn’t actually do what you intend, the cost of sorting things out (even if that’s possible) will be out of all proportion to the cost of getting it right in the first place.

Intestacy Rules

Do you know who would inherit if you don’t make a will. The rules changed on 1 October 2014 so check out our Intestacy Rules table.

It therefore makes sense not to take the risk and instead use a solicitor, expert in will writing, to make a proper will. Still as many as 7 out of every 10 people may not have done so. Don’t be one of them.

Still not convinced?

Maybe you still haven’t decided to take the plunge. We think this is important so have written “More reasons to Make a Will”. This looks into more of the reasons people don’t get around to making a will and  why they should. Email us to request a copy.

You already have a Will?

That’s great but don’t forget it needs reviewing regularly, though not necessariy changing. We are always happy to advise and will tell you if it’s still fine. Take a look at our video about Reviewing your Will

 Where is your Will?

When you have got your will prepared make sure it can be found by the people who matter. When asked 67% of people said they didn’t know where to find their parents wills. If your latest will isn’t found then an older one may be used if you haven’t destroyed it. If there no will found then the intestacy rules will apply.

When we prepare a will we can register it for you with a national will registry called  Certainty so there is a greater chance it will be found.

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