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The law has a lot to say about employment and it’s not always straightforward. When it goes wrong it’s painful. Whether you are an Employer or an Employee we are here to help you get it right.

Costs – Unfair dismissal and wrongful dismissal claims.

Kirsten provides advice relating to these claims and here we give information about our costs in relation to these types of claim.



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The agreement between and employer and employee is an employment contract. It should be in writing, it may not be. Learn about legal duties, rights and responsibilites. Find out what makes someone an employee,  worker or self employed.
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Policies and Procedures


Usually non contractual policies and procedures set out how an employer and emloyee should work together. Look at what should be included and what’s optional.
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Dismissl is like commercial divorce. Sometimes a parties to blame but it’s never nice. Knowing how to handle the process and how to respond can reduce the stress and risks.
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Redundancy should be a last resort. There may be other options and it shouldn’t be an excuse to get rid of employees. Find out about the procedures and how to make it work.

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Having a fight is not often in anyone’s interests. See how binding settlements can be achieved and costly proceedings avoided.


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Costs- Unfair and Wrongful Dismissal

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Employment Guides

We also provide a number of “Employment Guides” with general information about employment law issues. For example we regularly hear that a business doesn’t have employees, everyone is self-employed. That is rarely the case; as Uber for example found out. Knowing a person’s status is hugely important as it affects what rights they have and all the rules that apply to them from holiday pay and minimum wage to redundancy and unfair dismissal. So not sure if you are an employee, worker or self-employed? Take a look at our guides.


Employment law changes regularly new rights are added, other modified. The decision made in employment cases affects how other cases will be decided and so people’s rights and duties shift. The coming of Brexit may also have considerable affect as much of our employment law stems from EU and although it’s unlikely to be thrown out the political persuasion of UK government may have more effect on UK employment law in the future. One of the ways we help our clients keep in touch with us and changes to employment law is through our Employment Updates. It includes short articles about interesting aspects of employment law and the world of work. It’s available here on our web site and emailed to our subscribers. If you don’t receive it and would like to just email me.

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