Staff Benefits – Wills for Employees

Over 50% of your staff probably don’t have a Will

The welfare of your staff is important. Some staff benefits can be costly to provide; others just take a bit of organisation.

You know that when you run a business it’s important to have a properly drafted will to make sure your family are protected when you die. However for some people talking to a solicitor is intimidating. For others it is just another thing they don’t get around to.

What most people need is straight forward and not expensive but they just don’t know why it’s important or how to go about it. So we have devised two ways you can help your staff at no cost to you.  You know what will suit them best.


Option 1:


The direct approach

You email your staff with information we provide about making a will.



We give you an e-mail you can send to your employees. Attached will be our “Why Get A Will” pack. It includes our “10 Tips on Making the Will you Need”, the “Intestacy Quiz”,  our video  “Charlie” and a time limited offer (to get 10% off the cost of a normal single or pair of Wills).

Employees can then decide if they want to take up our offer direct. Though we make them an offer on our normal prices we remind them there are other solicitors out there. We would rather they make a will with another solicitor than not at all.

To get the this staff benefits pack just e-mail me  “Why Get A Will ”


Option 2:


An at work will talk

You give your staff the opportunity to get effective information about making a will through our “Wills Talk”



As well as giving your employees the “Why Get A Will” pack I can give a brief talk on the subject with a question and answer session. The talk which lasts about 20 minutes can be at to your premises. We tend to schedule them for a lunchtime or immediately after work. The talk includes information about wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney and planning for their families’ future. There is no minimum group size.

Employees then have an opportunity to make an appointment to see me to discuss their specific needs.  I often visit clients in their own home in the evenings or weekends. If it is then clear they want a Will we confirm the cost and go ahead and prepare it. Employees are always  free to instruct another solicitor to do this.

Our 10% off (the cost of a normal single or pair of Wills) time limited offer is offered from the date of the talk.

We provide you will an email explaining about the talk which you can adapt and send to your employees.


Next Level- Staff Benefits

If you want to take the process to the next level you can offer employees a fixed contribution towards the cost of making their will. Any contribution you make would be a taxable benefit in kind for the employee. This offer wouldn’t be tied to them instructing any particular solicitor.


Still not sure which option is best?

I am always happy to have a discussion about this or your personal needs.



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