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Dismissal is like commercial divorce

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Work is an important part of our lives

You spend a lot of your time at work and problems there can be very distressing. We all need to eat and most of us need a job to put food on the table. Therefore though all employees have many legal rights it can be very difficult to push for those rights particularly .


Disciplinary Proceedings

Sometimes employees are faced with specific action by their employer for example disciplinary proceedings. It is difficult to know how to deal with this. I can either provide direct advice or at least help point you in the right direction.



At times an employee may feel that the situation has got so bad that they think they have no option but to leave. This could lead to making a claim for constructive unfair dismissal. However these claims are very hard to win so it is better to take advice before you resign.



Are redundancies in the air at work? What should you expect your employer to be doing and can you say anything to help your case? What might you get for redundancy and should you volunteer?

Maybe your employer has proposed terms for you leaving. Are the terms reasonable, should you ask for more and what about tax? Does your employer require you to sign a settlement agreement? Again I can help with advice so you can decide what is best for you.


Making a tribunal claim

Whether you have a good claim may partly depend on how you act from very early on. There are likely to be procedures you need to follow while you are still at work and time limits. It’s therefore important to get advice about options and what to do as soon as possible even if you then decide not to make a claim.


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