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One service we provide to contacts is an email legal update service about current employment law and private client issues which are likely to be of value to many people. The email note is short and to the point so it’s quick and easy to read. Each email also contains a link to a fuller version on our web site giving easy access to those that subscribe to updates. Here is a link to our blog page with news, updates and blogs.

The Employment Updates are usually sent twice a year around April and November and there are occasional other special editions, offers or notes. These may relate to employment law, private client issues (e.g. wills, LPAs etc.) or other matters of interest.

We would love you to subscribe to updates so that you automatically receive them. Also, please feel free to pass the newsletters along to friends, family and other contacts. If they then let me know they would like to subscribe to updates I am happy to add them to the mailing list.

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